P&T // An Engagement Session

I am beyond thankful to my dear friends P&T for letting me capture their love for each other. As I am venturing on to the world of photography, the opportunity to photograph these two sweet love birds couldn't have come at a better moment. I am learning, making mistakes, and most important of all, I am beginning to understand how to see the world through my lens. Being able to capture a story, a tender touch, a caring stare is what truly inspires me. But when two people are so in love like these two, all I had to do was to hold my camera and press the buttons...

On that note, just in time for the February 14, I hope you have a lovely week filled with many hugs and kisses!

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Anonymous said...

You captured their love through your lens so perfectly I could feel it! WTG Sindy!
Happy Valentines Day to You and Your Love! :)